What fade, tho?


The photo on the left was taken with my actual camera, on March 9th, 2019 after her Specialty Color Service (Bleach Retouch, Olaplex, Toner, Vivid Color). The photo on the right was taken with my phone, April 5th 2019. 

4. WEEKS .LATER. And her hair still looks AHHMAZING. I was sort of mind blown. 

And in case your curious, both are in natural lighting without any kind of altering to brightness, contrast, or saturation.


I've been thinking of her hair a lot since I saw her last, then I saw her again 2 days ago (4/16) and her hair STILL looked amazing. Shockingly I did not have my phone so when I got home I asked her to snap a pic when she had a chance.

Here's what she sent me:



If you're keeping up, we're now 6 weeks out.

I know that on my end I use the best products, 

and I believe in being transparent.


These are the products I currently use in the studio:


For any Blonding service or Specialty Color service I use Pulp Riot Blonde AF,See the source image

and add an Olaplex Treatment to every Blonding and Specialty Color Service.See the source image

Redken Shades EQ for toning,

and Matrix SoColor Cult for my vivid color creations.

See the source image


At the moment on backbar I'm currently using Verb Shampoo and Conditioner, and Pulp Riot's Barcelona Toning Shampoo. I keep it in amber bottles ,so, it's hard to tell. Here's some proof:

                                                                  Yeah, it's super extra and I love it.


Now, on to what she does at home. And, in the spirit of being transparent, these are her exact words:




  • wash 1x a week
  • uses professional shampoo and conditioner 
  • utilizes dry shampoo


See text for exact products. Candice Ashley Beauty carries the full Olaplex line, Design Me, and Verb products.





I use the best. She uses what is best for her hair, and unfortunately it's not what I carry. Yeah, that happens sometimes. I'm not worried about it. As long as you're using a professional product, purchased from a reputable source (sorry, Amazon doesn't count) I'm happy. Obviously, it all works out. Her hair looks freaking A-MAZ-ING.

Nice work, Beebs.




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