Tools Of The Trade


I've been in the process over the last few months of organizing and decorating my new studio space. I finally have my station the way I like it, but still needed to add some finishing touches. While shopping for decorations I stumbled upon this glass case. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my studio and my shears. Leaving them out and displayed, yet safely behind glass, freed up some much needed drawer space. Plus, I'm all about fashion + function.

But, wait. Why would I be so proud of shears that I felt they needed to be diplayed? Well, sit back and relax, I'll explain:

I cut with the same pair of shears from the time I was 19 years old until about 3 years ago.
I'll save you the math, it was 14 years. They were a gift for my 19th birthday, (thanks, mom ♥️). I was still in beauty school and I loved them. They weren't super expensive, but they were a far cry from the pair my school provided. They quickly became an extension of me.

Then one day, about 3 years ago, a Hanzo rep came in and gave me a pair of their shears to try. They literally gave me these expensive a$$ shears to try for two weeks.


Cool. Whatevs. I'll try your shears, but I'm not buying them.


Top pair are the OG's, bottom pair are my old thinning shea

Fast forward two weeks and I was all "Where do I sign for these?" "Do I have to give these back?"

The answer of course was "yes", and I had to order them. 

And wait for them.

They took over a month to get here. My previous rep, who is no longer with them, wasn't the most punctual. However, her lack of communication didn't change the fact that my new shears were life changing. After that first pair I never looked back.

I recently had the opportunity to upgrade my WHOLE arsenal. If you've been in to see me in the past month I'm sure you've heard all about them. I might be just a teeny, tiny, bit obsessed.

Aside from being beautiful and functional they have other perks. I pay $10/ month for a "Staysharp Subscription" which means I'm entitled to 4 free sharpenings a year (on ANY pair of shears I own, they don't even have to be Hanzo's, although all mine are)and they loan you a pair of Hanzo's while they send your's off to be sharpened. Plus, anytime Hanzo has classes I get to go for FREE. I don't know of any other shear compnay that does that.

So really, they are my babies and I'm proud of them. That's why they have their own special glass display case. They are far too beautiful to be stored in a drawer.


Oh, and as far as reps go, I now have the best. My last set of shears took only a week to arrive.





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