Spooky Season

Spooky season is upon us and I could not be HAPPIER.


My house is already decorated for Halloween and I was just watching Children of the Corn while I was editing my reels this morning. It's going to be a good day.


Tomorrow is going to be even better though because  I'm getting my first set of hand-tied extensions. Eek!! I'm so freaking pumped, and since lately a lot of my guests have been adding fun colors into their hair I thought now was the prefect time to try something new.  Since it's Halloween season I decided to be a little spooky and  add some black and orange wefts in with all my other colors.


Plus, the best part about adding the vivid color to my hair with extensions rather than to my actual hair with bleach and color is that 1. The color will last longer, and 2. When I'm tired of it I'll only need to replace 2-4 wefts. When Xmas time gets here you can bet your ass I'm adding green and red but I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. Where was I? Oh, yes the awesomeness that is adding  pops of color with wefts to your own hair with ZERO damage and extended color longevity, right.


I'll keep you updated on my new locks.


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