So You Want To Be Blonde: A Blog Series Part 2


Last week I kicked off my "So You Want To Be Blonde" blog series. I began with the Consultation, which is really the key to any successful service, and at this point I know what kind of hair you have and what state it's in. From there we go into the amount of time and money it will take to achieve your blonde hair goals.

Since I'm not sure where to begin first, time or money, let me just start with this: if you want beautiful, blonde hair you're going to need plenty of both. There's just no way around that. Healthy blonde hair doesn't happen in an hour, and in some cases not even in one session. The more time you require the more your service will cost.

Blonding services are a LUXURY SERVICE, and are priced as such.

Pricing is also different for every guest. Most of my blonding services come with a base price of x amount of $, but that price increases with every extra bowl of bleach + Olaplex, and every extra ounce of toner. Someone with short hair might pay $150 for their blonding service, while someone with longer, thicker hair is paying $300+ for the same look.

More Product = More Time =More $$$$.

Making sense?


Here are a few of my newly adjusted base prices:

  • Bleach (on-scalp): $130+
  • Highlight: $120+
  • Balayage/Foilyage: $185+
  • Specialty Blonding Service: $100/hr

These services come with a blowout, at least one bowl of lightener (balayage/foilyage base price includes two bowls), Olaplex, and 2 oz of toner. Each additional bowl of bleach with Olaplex +$20, each additional ounce of toner +$15. If your service requires any kind of root smudge or shadow root +$40.



Olaplex is included in every blonding service and is non-negotiable. Think of it as insurance for your hair. It's patented which means it's the ONLY bond builder that can do what it does, which is repair broken disulfide bonds and prevent further damage. This is a fact people.




I have maybe 1% of clients who recieve a blonding service and leave with "raw blonde" hair. If you are looking for anything that is ashy or silver with no warmth, no gold, no yellow, etc... you NEED a toner. To best explain this I'm going to rely heavily on visuals. Here are a few photos of actual guests of mine before, during, and after their blonding services.

* "raw blonde" refers to hair that has been bleached but not toned.


1st photo from left to right: Before Blonding service, Raw Blonde, Processing Toner, Finished Result

2nd photo from left to right: Before (not done by me), Raw Blonde, (I forgot to take a photo of her hair while the toner processed), Finished Result

Can you see the difference? The first guest came to me with 100% virgin hair ( meaning no color) and was already naturally light. The second guest had been previously lightened by someone else but was naturally pretty light as well.  

Can you take a guess at how long each service took? The first photo is Foilyage and the second is a Specialty Color. I'll give you a minute... and maybe the before and after photos.

Any guesses? 


The first guest was with me for about 3 hours and the second for about 4+, and they both came in with already fairly light hair.


Honestly, you have no idea how much time and money I've spent to learn how to actually perform these services, and how to charge and time accordingly. It's for real B.A.N.A.N.A.S. and after all my research and continually learning new things, there's one thing I can say for sure:




If I haven't scared you off and you're still interested in being a blonde, check back next week when I go over at home care and maintenance appointments.

Have any questions? Drop me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.








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