So fresh, So clean.



Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?


I'm not talking about cleaning  your brushes with some sort of spray, I'm talking about using some sort of mild soap, and water, and actually WASHING your brushes.


I'm gonna guess it's been a hot minute. Look, I'm not judging. I wanted to do a LIVE today where I put my makeup on but my brushes are FILTHY. I try to keep them clean with spray cleaners and alcohol but that only does so much. I need to really get in those bristles.


So today, I'm WASHING my brushes. Giving the a really deep clean.


I like to use my Olaplex shampoo to clean my brushes, I'm bougie like that, but any mild soap will do.


First I get my brushes wet, then I add just the tiniest amount of soap to my hands and gently massage it through the bristles, then I rinse until the water is clear. Some people put the soap in a cup or jar of water but I don't really like that. I do one at a time. My suggestion, do whichever you prefer.


Now comes the drying. My least favorite part because we all know it takes FOR-EV-ER for make up brushes to dry. For my SEINT brushes since they are double sided once they are clean I lay them flat on a microfiber towel and walk away for 24 hours.


BUUUUUUUT, for my other brushes the ones that aren't double sided. I have a secret weapon. Drys my brushes in SECONDS:



Looks pretty wild.

Stay tuned to see it in action.




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