Powder Brow Review

They say that brows are the frame of the face. I\'m not sure who \"they\" are but I would have to agree with them. A nice set of brows, and some killer lashes (more on that another time), go a long way.

Since full, lush brows came back in vogue I\'ve been trying to get back what I lost in the 90\'s. I was super "lucky" to grow up in a time when the thinner your brows were the badder you were. Well, I was bad alright, not shave them off and draw them on bad (thems the baddest) but my brows were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. Add to that the fact that they look like they were running away from each other and you can imagine what I\'ve been working with.

Luckily with new trends come new techniques and I\'ve pretty much tried them all now, in respect to brows. The powder brow gives a fuller more filled in appearance than that of micro blading, which was more natural looking and still required me to fill my brows in. This technique is my favorite by far.

Here's is my story:

I came to Dax at Luxury Brow Co. basically with a correction, not because anyone had done something wrong necessarily, but I hadn\'t been keeping up maintenance and I had multiple people working on me. 3 years ago I had them micro-bladed and they were good but they faded, as they do, and I never went back to have them touched up. Then last year I let my sister use me as a model when she was training on powder browd- I only had one session and she no longer does that service. Again, they didn\'t look bad but I never went back for my second touch up 6 weeks later. Maintenance and consistency are important. Plus, they faded REALLY warm and I was definitely gonna need that fixed.

Once Dax was familiar with my history and my problems she got to work. She started by mapping my brows- which is the technical term for making sure your brows are symmetrical by using a very precise measuring technique. Decided on the right ink shade for me, made sure I was comfortable ( I was) and applied the numbing cream. Thank goodness she uses numbing cream otherwise I\'m not sure I could hang. This did not feel like a kiss. She told me that she was going to use a high quality ink that has color correctors built into it, which immediately after the procedure has a red undertone. Once healed though, would be perfect- this information was key.

Once my session was done she cleaned me all up:


And gave me some goodies to take care of my brows at home. Not  pictured are the cleanser and ointment she gave me.

She warned me that my brows would be tender and red. That my brows were going to look red but to wait until the full 10 days before I saw the results I wanted. She told me they might get flaky and scabby looking but that I should not scratch them or mess with them. This was normal. She suggested I use a cold compress when I got home to help with swelling and take some ibuprofen. Oh, and told me not get sweaty for 10 days. I took that upon myself to mean don\'t exercise for 10 days- whatever works best for you, ya know.

I mostly listened to her. I didn\'t freak out at how warm  my brows were for over a week, or the fact that at one point my brows looked like they were falling off. No, I knew to expect all of this because she warned me, and sent me home with a little care card with a ton of reminders of all she had already told me. To say she was thorough in her consultation is an understatement.

Anywhoo, the part I didn\'t listen to was taking the ibuprofen when I got home and not icing my poor brows. So stupid. I waited over 24 hours before finally caving and doing what she told me. After that it was smooth sailing. Just kept my brows clean and took care of them exactly as she said.

Now they look prefect. I have one more visit in 5 weeks to have a touch up and some of the previous ink removed. I\'m so excited! They\'re already beautiful and they\'re going to look even better.


If you\'re looking for someone to do your brows Dax is your lady! I\'ll keep you updated after my next visit.

Have any questions? I\'m an open book.

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