No, I can’t do your extensions in an hour.

Look, I try to practice my bead work and stitching *almost* every day. My goal is to get faster. Apparently with daily practice I should eventually be able to bead a row, place the hair, and stitch it all into place in 25 minutes. That means that to install 2 rows of hair could, possibly, eventually, take me about an hour.


E-VEN-TU-AL-LY, and that doesn't include coloring the wefts or the guest's hair.


I'll just let you know this: My skill and overall outcomes are FABULOUS but I'm a little slower in the execution department. Meaning I'm a perfectionist and my speed is still is a work in progress but my ability is not.


I guess what I'm saying is: when you come to me for the hair of your dreams expect to be with me for a while.


I have snacks ( or a light meal) and drinks, wifi, every streaming channel, Alexa, and I'm a pretty good conversationalist. You could also bring a book or work with you, whatever you like to pass the time.


When your hair has had the finishing touches, we'll take a few photos- I can even freshen up your makeup and apply some lashes (if you like of course- this is not requirement). I'll take some BEAUTIFUL photos of your new hair (and you), I'll hand you your at home CARE PACKAGE (Full Size Olaplex shampoo, conditioner & No 7 bonding oil) and THEN you'll be on your way.


I would expect at least 4.5-6+ hours, depending on length and density. I know, I know that seems like a lot but if I'm doing a new install, AND coloring your hair and the weft hair, AND cutting and styling it takes TIME. I do not have an assistant so all that work is done by ME. Luckily, as I've mentioned  I have lots of ways to help pass the time and my little salon is very RELAXING. You should see for yourself.


To start your NBR journey fill out your NBR Application HERE . The hair of your dreams is only a click away.



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