NBR Confession

I have a confession to make: I'm not a good NBR client. I know, I know, I could cry.

You see to get the optimal results, and the ones I'm looking for, I will need hair that reaches AT LEAST  to my shoulders with layers that reach AT LEAST to my chin.

Can I get extensions now? Absolutely I can, but I won't get OPTIMAL results. If I rush to get them now I'm going to be spending a lot of time hiding the fact that I have extensions. Plus, there is no way I could get hair that covers my chest and that's really my end goal : MERMAID HAIR. IYKYK

Not to mention, when I'm investing that kind of money into my hair I'm going to make damn sure that the juice is worth the squeeze, ya feel me? So I will wait.

I'm not idle though.

To help speed up the grow out process I take Vital Protein's Collagen supplement. It's a powder that I mix into my coffee EVERY morning. No, I can't taste it. This not only contains 20g of collagen it also contains your daily dose of Vitamin C. Plus, it contains Hyaluronic Acid which I've already talked about, and we all know how I feel about it- nothing but love. Takin this everyday doesn't just help with hair growth and health it also helps with your SKIN.

Helping my hair and my skin? Um, yes, please.

Another key to helping my hair grow as fast and healthy as possible, is that I also use good quality product at home: Olaplex steps 4-8. Just recently, like yesterday, I added Step 3 into the mix which will help keep my hair healthy, which will make  my grow out a breeze.

And lest we forget the most important thing about hair: IT GROWS. It grows. And we have the power to help it along.


If you're interested in NBR but still need to let your hair grow a little bit let's chat.

To contact me for a consultation please leave me a message below or go to the Contact Me section in the menu.

I may not be able to give you the hair of your dreams on your first visit, but I can get you on your way.



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