Mama wanted lips, so mama got lips.

A few, or a lot, of years ago my sister was an esthetician at a plastic surgeon's office. It was there I received my first laser treatments, botox, and filler...among other things. (I'll save that story for another time, today we're talking about filler) I was YOUNG, like 25 or 26. Maybe 26 to 27. IDK, the point is I was younger.


I never sought out these treatments because I thought I looked old or was unhappy with the way I look. It was more my sister worked there and we traded services. I had a handful of laser treatments but I only had botox and filler there once.


I got Botox in my forehead and a lip flip, where they inject a little bit of botox to your Cupid's bow and corners of your mouth creating a pouty look that's more natural looking than filler. To be honest I didn't really notice a difference, except for the fact that I couldn't drink out of a straw so the sucked. It also did not last very long like 2-4 months maybe. I don't really remember because it was so unmemorable, except for the straw thing. I hated that.


Filler I got not long after that. I don't remember what type I had. I know it was new and they wanted to test it out so I got to be the "model". I remember they first applied a numbing cream to my whole face and I had to let it set for about an hour before they even started. I don't remember  it hurting but it did feel heavy in my face. Like concrete. I had it injected in my cheek area. It looked good but again I was very young and did not really need it then.


Fast  forward about 15 years and times have have changed, and so has my face. My once smooth skin and full lips suddenly looked a little more wrinkled and deflated. Luckily for me filler has also evolved in the years since my first experience with it and I was ready to give it a try.


One of my good friends is now an esthetician for Smithville Med Spa. She does facials, treatments, waxing, and massages. She's also been getting some filler done by one of the NPs (and co-owner) there herself, and I've been loving it.


Since I felt the time was right to start my "aging maintenance" journey, I decided I had to schedule a consultation. I saw Stephanie who as I mentioned is an NP and co-owner. We had a brief but thorough consultation and then she started my treatment..


Now it had been YEARS since I'd had filler and I was definitely expecting something different. Something a little more difficult, time consuming, and painful/ uncomfortable.


Much like John Snow, I knew nothing. My recent experience was a 180º from first.


For starters the whole process took about the same amount of time that it took to just numb me the first time. My appointment went a little like this:


Greeted by the friendly staff when I walked in, I was handed some paperwork to fill out. Once that was done I was taken to a treatment room for a consultation. I told Stephanie what I was trying to fix: my lips and under eye area. She explained to me what she could do and what she thought we should wait on. She focused on my lips because the product she was using (RHA) she didn't think would be good for under my eyes. She let me know there was a new product coming in August that would be better for that area so I'll be going back in August for that treatment. Once we decided what we were going to work on, or more accurately what she would be working on, we had to determine how much filler I would be getting. There are two choices: a half or a whole syringe. I'm not a "less is more" person so I settled on the WHOLE syringe.


When the consultation was completed Stephanie got to work. She administered a dental block that took what felt like seconds then started injecting. I couldn't feel a thing, like A THING. Obviously she didn't put the whole syringe of RHA in my lips, I mean I still wanted to look somewhat "natural", so she added the rest to my chin and jaw line area. Then I was done.


Just like that.


The best part was Stephanie did such an excellent job that I had NO bruising. My lips looked HUGE because they were swollen but they never bruised. I attribute this to the type of filler, RHA, used and the skill of the injector. My lips also never looked lumpy, which I've heard can happen.Check out the gallery below to see how I healed.


Now, this is the most important part: How do my lips feel? Plump and juicy, baby. Unlike my last filler that felt like concrete this feels, and looks, TOTALLY natural.


What about cost, you ask?


A whole syringe of RHA cost $550, a half a syringe is $375. It can last anyweher from a year to 15 months. As I mentioned I did the whole syringe, but GUESS WHAT? Smithville Med Spa has a special for the rest of the month of June and you can get a whole syringe for $499!!!! That's a deal.


If you're interested in filler contact Smithville Med Spa   to schedule your consultation today! Make sure to tell them I sent you.


Have any questons I didn't cover? Shoot me a message below.






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