A picture is worth a 1,000 likes.

I was in beauty school 20 years ago, and  the big thing was to have a portfolio of your work. I'm talking an actual, bound binder with actual, tangible photographs in it. I didn't have a phone with a camera at the time. Hell, phones barely had cameras, and if they did they SUUUUCKED. This meant that getting good photos of your guests was a lot harder. Plus, not as many people knew how to take a good photograph of hair, and the knowledge of these things just wasn't as attainable.


Now, our phones come with cameras that rival actual cameras. If you don't know how to take a photograph just GOOGLE "how to take a  photograph".


It's really wild when I think about it. Now I'm able to have a digital portfolio online that any future guest can see, at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. I absolutely love it, and the best part is- it gives me a visual progression of my guests' hair journey.


Take this beauty for example.. She's been coming to me for the last 2 years. Her first visit back in August of 2020 I installed 2-3 bags of tape-ins. I can't remember what kind they were. I probably blocked it out, tape-ins are the bane of my existence. In fact, I only did them a few more times until we could get her hair long enough for a  beaded row. Notice I didn't say hand-tied because that's a type of hair weft and a beaded row is a method of installation.

Once it was long enough we switched to the beaded  row method. At the time I was using the HotHeads method of creating a waterfall track with your hair and beads. Then I would sew the weft onto the track. I was using Bellami Volume Weft, not hand tied, for her hair. I think the photos below are after like 3-4 move-ups with that hair.

Then she was ready for a bigger change. She went to the dark side. That's when we started playing with other methods. Most recently NBR.

Anywho, I won't go on and on about all the cool things we've done with her hair I'll just SHOW YOU below.

I'd like to add that  just because I don't post a photo doesn't  mean I don't keep it for posterity.


Comment below which transformation you like best.






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