How to avoid bad hair days for good.

I'm pretty sure if you're reading this you've experienced the ever dreaded, ever feared, BAD HAIR DAY. 

When you're lucky they really are just bad hair days: you wore your hair up the day before and now it has a terrible crease, or you slept on it wrong and one side sticks up. In some cases they last longer, like multiple days that turn into weeks... then those weeks turn into months...which turn into {gulp} years.

The causes vary:

  • Sometimes it's poor at home care: no heat protection, full-blast flat irons, and/or shitty products.
  • Sometimes it's medical reasons.
  • Sometimes it's a stylist who cuts a little too much, or fries your hair to a crisp from lack of experience or knowledge.
  • Sometimes it's because you cut it yourself in your bathroom with shears you use to trim body hair...I've heard.

Whatever the reason is I've found a fool proof way to help you never have another bad hair day, week, month or year.

Are you ready?

                           W I G S

When I personally experienced one of those reasons for long term bad hair days (mine was more like months) I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast. My hair just kept getting shorter and shorter, because I couldn't STOP. CUTTING. IT. It was also getting really cold outside and I have issues with having a cold head- especially cold ears, and I loathe the way I look wearing hats with short hair (it's a personal preference and not directed at anyone other than myself).

I started to consider extensions, but truly my hair was too short for that. Then I remembered my grandma Marge's collection of wigs she had on display in her closet. They weren't wild or anything. They didn't even look different from the hair she already had, except for the varying styles, but I remember thinking it was really cool that she could change her style so easily with little to no work. That got me thinking of how much I adored Iona's wigs from Pretty In Pink, and her ability to change her look and style so effortlessly. In that moment I just new that wigs were the answer. All I needed to do now was go get me some.

Oh, I did.


I made my bestie go with me to help give moral support, and opinions, while I tired on ALL the wigs. We made our way to Star Beauty  downtown. Once there all I had to do to try on ALL THE WIGS was purchase a wig cap from them for a $1, they only take cash for this. Then I proceeded to try wigs on to my hearts content. It was everything I'd ever dreamed it would be. I highly suggest it.

When I'd finished trying them all on I decided on two.  I got crazy lucky that day and scored two for a little over $100. They were "lace front" - although the "lace" felt more like plastic, but whatevs, which is supposed to make it look more realistic along the hairline and the part.  They were made with synthetic hair, which means you can't curl them or straighten them. (Typically synthetic hair wigs are much cheaper than the ones made with real hair.) They were reasonably inexpensive, and I wasn't trying to make anyone think they were my real hair anyway. I also got a package of wig caps and some glue to hold the front hairline down. Here are some photos of me in both right after I bought them.



I was feeling myself again. The wigs looked pretty good, not completely obvious to the untrained eye, AND they kept my head warm. I was loving it. So much in fact, I went ahead and ordered another one from Amazon.



This purple lace front  is probably my favorite. The lace was quite a bit softer and easier to work with than the other ones I purchased. Plus, it was cheaper than the other two- ONLY $38.99!


In the beginning I went all out watching tutorials on YouTube, mostly Ashley Quiros Ash Ghot Cakess TV , trying my best to blend baby hairs and secure the hairline with glue. These days I keep it real simple. For the most part I only wear them when it's cold out (turns out I dislike having a sweaty head almost as much as I do a cold one) and while I still wear the wig cap, it's a necessity, I don't typically use glue along my hair line, now I usually wear a hat with them to camouflage the hair line better. It just makes it so much easier.



Yup, wigs are pretty easy, not to mention hella fun. One suggestion I would make though is to take your new wigs into a salon to have them trimmed up. Fortunately, I know someone that can help with that.


Me. It's me, I can help with that.


To book an appointment click the BOOK NOW link in menu or call 816.841.2615


Until then, leave me a comment letting me know what you think of my fool proof method to never have a bad hair day, week, month, or year again.

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