Hair Has No Gender.


Until I had my son, I never realized how early we start to identify THINGS as male or female, boy or girl. We assign colors “blue/pink”, or clothing “pants/dresses” to each sex. We dismiss behavior, “oh, he’s just being a boy!” or when referring to a woman, “must be that time of the month.” We assign value to how “manly” or “ladylike” someone is. Honestly, it’s all a little infuriating, and usually I can't help but point it out when it happens.. Take for example when my son says something pink is a “girl color” or that it's "for girls" I’m, pretty quick to let him know that color has no gender. It’s simply a color that many people enjoy. I also never dismiss his behavior because “he’s just being a boy”. 



                                                                                   Same, kid.


So, you can imagine that when I started learning more about gender based price discrimination and the  push for gender neutral haircut pricing, based on length not gender, I was all about it. I’m honestly surprised it took me this long to implement, and truthfully it just makes sense. I have women guests who actually take me less time than some men, yet I charge more.


Because “that’s how it’s always been.”


Well, I’m tired of hearing that, and I'm sick of being part of the problem.


Effective November 1st, all haircuts and pricing will be based on length NOT gender. As it should be.

The services will be listed as follows:

Short Haircut- $45, for hair that is at or above the chin.

Medium Haircut- $55, for hair that is at or above the shoulders.

Long Haircut- $65, for hair that is below the shoulder.

Clipper Cut- $35, clippers are used on the back and sides with shears used to blend the sides and top.

*All haircuts come with a scalp massage, wash, and blowout.



Thanks for reading and for your continued support. 

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