Expert tips for sleeping in hair extensions, pt.1

Hair extensions are an investment, and investments need to be diligently cared for. How you brush them, how you wash them, the products you use, HOW YOU SLEEP IN THEM- all play an integral part in keeping your extensions looking good, but if you don't have extensions, and are planning on getting them in the future - and even if you're not- to start getting ready for your big investment buying a SATIN pillowcase is the FIRST major step. They aren't even that expensive, I scored mine from Amazon- 2 for $9.99. You can get the same ones HERE.


Sleeping on satin pillwcases has NUMEROUS benefits to the hair, and skin. The sleek, slippery surface allows the hair to glide smoothly as opposed to catching on the fibers of a cotton or flannel pillowcase. By allowing the hair to move more easily it prevents damage. Cotton and flannel can rough up your hair cuticle causing damage, tangling, and even breakage. Yeah, no thanks.


Another great benefit for your hair, and skin, is that it allows it to retain moisture. Other fabrics can actually absorb the natural oils in your hair, and the products on your face, leaving both dry. Since extensions don't produce their own oils, like our natural hair does, it's important that they stay hydrated to ensure their longevity. Failure to keep them oiled and hydrated will result in tangles and breakage. That's another "nah" for me.


Basically, a satin pilllowcase can help prevent a myriad of problems relating to your hair and skin. Plus, they are essential to the longevity of your hair extensions. $10 bucks for all those benefits? Sign me up... I'm already signed up but you get it.


Stay tuned for PART 2- B.O.B (Brushing, Oiling, Braiding) You won't want to miss it.






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