I recommend Biotin, a vitamin, to all of my guests who suffer with thinning hair or want faster growth results. Now there\'s a shampoo and conditioner that actually contain it, DALLAS BIOTIN THICKENING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER by R + Co.

Mind blown.

I recently recommended Dallas to a loyal guest who had noticed that her hair was thinning. I wasn\'t sure what it would do, but if it was anything like all of the other R + CO products I\'ve used I knew she would love it. I made sure she knew that if she didn\'t she could bring it right back to us.

Fast forward to her next appointment, 8 weeks later. As I was prepping her hair for highlights I noticed all of these crazy little hairs, about 1 inch long ALL OVER her head. Not gonna lie, I was so taken aback I thought for a second it was breakage, but it couldn\'t be because I\'m super careful with my blondes. Upon closer inspection I realized it didn\'t even look damaged, it was actually new growth and A LOT OF IT.

After only 8 weeks of using DALLAS.

Now my mind was really blown. I just can\'t express how much I love this whole line. Clean products (free of parabens, gluten, and sulphates) that actually deliver.


I can\'t wait to see her hair at her next appointment. I\'ll keep you posted.

Until then, purchase any and all of your R+Co needs on your next visit to The Loft.

You won\'t be disappointed.



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