Curly VS. Straight


Hair is amazing.

Despite the title of this blog it's not really a competition of curly hair vs straight hair. Wether you prefer your hair curly or straight the fact is we have choices. Curly, straight, long, short, brown, blonde, purple, pink, rainbow, etc... The options we have are literally ENDLESS.

This beautiful guest has naturally curly hair but at her last visit we styled it straight, and I damn near broke the internet. Just kidding, but it did get lots of attention.

While she liked it sleek and straight she prefers her hair curly, and I prefer whatever makes her the happiest.

That's really the secret to feeling confident in your hair; You have to do what makes YOU feel the most comfortable NOT what other people are most comfortable with. This actually goes for pretty much everything in life so write that down. 

Tell me, how do you feel most confident?

I'll go first. Short or long, curly or straight, I prefer my hair blonde.


Now you go.

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