Back In The Day 2.0

Getting your hair done these days can feel a bit overwhelming. You're not sure what to ask for: Do you need a balayage or foilyage? Babylights or Teasy lights? A root smudge or a Color melt?


All these fancy sounding services, but all you really want is the comfort of knowing that you just need a full highlight or a partial highlight. You know, how they did it "back in the day", back in MY day actually, but you still want you hair to look trendy.


Well, I have good news for you. We still know how to do those "old school" services and we've improved them. Not to mention they're coming back, so that's cool too. I doubt you'll catch me doing any kind of cap highlight though, but never say never, ya know.


Let me show you an example.


For this beauty I did a traditional, thicker, all over highlight. Like I learned in beauty school 20 years ago. Here's where the 2.0 comes in: I added an Olaplex treatment to protect the integrity of her hair, and I root tapped it before I applied the toner, which will diffuse the highlights and give a softer, more natural look. I let it process, and bada-bing-bada-boom.




How stunning is this?! And we set her up on an easy maintenance plan. In 8 weeks we'll do another root smudge and toner. 8 weeks after that we'll do a partial highlihgt 2.0 and so on. She's got options, and so do you.


If you're interested in a more "back in the day" approach to hair, but still want to be trendy, I've got you covered.


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