3D Eye Mask

Raise your hand if you wear some sort of lash extension.




I love wearing lashes. I feel naked without them. I've been using Flutterhabit pretty religiously for the past year and I don't think there's any going back now. When my lashes are done I feel like I have to do very little to look put together.


However there is one problem, when I sleep I have an issue with losing 1 or more segments. I wake up and find them on my pillow, on my comforter, stuck on my neck, or tangled up in my hair. Sometimes it falls on my person and can be transported to my closet or bathroom and fall off at random somewhere on the floor. They look like little spiders. LOL. My husband and son love it.


Obviously that sucks and is kind of gross, so I've been searching for a way to prevent it- unsuccessfully I might add. I can't for the life of me make myself sleep on my back, perfectly still like a corpse. I wish I could, me and J Lo know it also prevents wrinkles on your face ond chest but I JUST CANT DO IT.


A few weeks ago though my good friend, Amber V, showed me this new eye mask she got to help protect her lashes while she sleeps. They look like bras. Like you're wearing a bra around your head and the cups are over your eyes. It's very Weird Science- esque IYKYK.


Anywho, they look like this:


I had to have one. Plus, I love sleeping masks but don't wear them because of my lashes, so this was a no brainer.


My first night I must have done something wrong because one of my segments somehow was a little higher on my lash line than the others, which made it hang wonky. I'm pretty sure you can see it in the reel I posted on Instagram. It also could have been from an application error.


The next night was a lot better. 10/10 would recommend.


If you're someone who is a "messy sleeper" that loves wearing lashes you definitely need to give these masks a try. I got 2 for $11.99 on Amazon.  I highly suggest it.

Do you have another trick for keeping your lashes fresh throughout the night?


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